Operation Hibernation is underway: As we all have been dealing with this unprecedented crisis that our nation faces I have decided to assist our state and community’s goal in ‘flattening the curve’ by temporarily putting our clinic in Hibernation Mode. Effective today (3/25/20) we will no longer be open to see patients for routine visits. If you are an active patient you should have already received a phone call from our staff canceling your upcoming appointment(s). Here are the major bullets that outlines our Hibernation Plan

· Check in Calls: Over the next week I will personally be calling active patients to check in and provide updated rehab guidance in order to ensure that you are continuing to make progress towards your therapeutic goals.

· Home visits: I will also make myself available for any Medicare patient that is in significant need for care and who is currently an active patient to be seen in your home provided that you are symptom free (no cough, no fever) and will allow me to treat you with mask and gloves for my and your protection.

· Emergency / Critical Care: I will also make myself available to see any new patients at Gray PT -that are deemed appropriate- critical (immediate post operatively for example) for examination and follow up care.

· Phone calls: We will be checking our voicemail daily. Any questions or concerns about your care or if any issues arise- please feel free to call and leave a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

· Emerge fully operational in new location: As many of you may already know we will be moving Gray PT from our current location on Turnpike Acres to 205 Portland Road at the end of June. This new space will allow us to see more patients and provide even better services including a 1500 SF fitness center (opening 1/1/21) in order to better accommodate the growing needs of our community.

· Updates on Hibernation Plan, and move, via Website and Facebook: We will keep you updated on our Hibernation plan and our move through our website www.grayptcenter.com and Facebook going forward. Our mailing address, phone and fax numbers will not change.

I want to wish you and your families all the best. My prayers are with those suffering from COVID-19 and from all whose lives have been affected by the medical challenges and the financial hardships that co-exist with this pandemic. We will all come out of this challenging time with a renewed sense of what is truly important in life and I am sure some great stories to share with one another. Keep positive and enjoy the time with family and the great weather as we ‘weather the storm’ in our unique Hibernation Mode.

God Bless

Leo 😊